Friday, January 2, 2009


The kids got invited to my friend Yvonne's house for a play date, so I went with Jerry on the bike to Stuart part work part play. We decided to go to the historical downtown district for lunch but wasn't sure where to go so we happened upon this restaurant called the Oyster Bar and Seafood Cafe
The name appealed to me since I love oysters so we chanced it, and let me just say the food was absolutely wonderful.
They had oysters from four different regions to choose from, now I've eaten oysters in a lot of places but I've never been able to choose from which region I wanted my oysters from. I couldn't decide so per Jerry's suggestion I got three of each kind! I had the best salad I've ever eaten, Jerry had some awesome Lobster chowder. Anyways if your ever in Stuart make a point to go here, oh yeah and the service was excellent they even gave us our dessert on the house!

I also wanted to add that Stuart is a fun day trip because in there historical downtown district there all kinds of little shops you can walk around and visit, after lunch we walked to a nearby Fudge/Candy shop and got some to go goodies for the kids!

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