Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Glitter Cups

Last week I made these Halloween Glitter Cups so I thought I would post a tutorial on how to make them. I know its not Rocket Science but I've always wanted to do a tutorial! I originally found this blog, Over the Tipsy Top Design on glitter cups, I thought they were so cool and decided to try making my own.

On there blog they use sonic cups, I love sonic but we don't have any sonics in Florida, so I'm using a Styrofoam cup from Chick-fil-a. You have to use a Styrofoam cup because any other kind will sweat and ruin your hard work. You can used just one color of glitter but I decided to mix it up and use several colors.

Ok, so your gonna need a Styrofoam cup, modge podge, sponge applicators, and some fine glitter. I used the Martha Stewart glitter in Halloween Colors.

First Step apply a thin coat of Modge Podge on your cup, I wanted to do the orange and red on top and black on bottom, but you can do one color all over if you want. I actually should of done the bottom first and the top second, it would of made it easier, but ya live and learn!

Second Step is to apply your glitter, let dry for a few hours, then re-apply modge podge and glitter a second time! Let dry over night then you can spray with a gloss sealer/finisher. Just make sure its a gloss finish.

Now noticed I left the top rim unglittered, this is if you plan on drinking out of it,but for cup I'm not going to worry about it because I'm filling my cup with candy to give as a gift.

The next step is to Decorate! This is the fun part you can let your imagination go wild and don't be afraid to used a glue gun on here either.

I made a tag to put on mine . . . .

and finished off with some Halloween Ribbon and filled it with halloween candy. You can do these cups for birthdays,graduations,Easter . . . I've got so many more ideas on ways to decorate them, can't wait to make some more!

I was playing around and tried to give my picture some spooky effects!


  1. That is just adorable!!
    btw, we have alot of Sonics here. One is just off the interstate, so the next time you go to Mobile, stop by!

  2. Love the cup!!! I am in the process now of making one for Megs UF homecoming game. Im using blue glitter and orange ribbons...I will post on my blog when finished.Oh thanks to Linda, the large Iced tea cup from McDonalds works well too

  3. Love those glitter cups. Filled with those tiny corn candies - what a great idea.

    Now I think you should post a tutorial on how you did those spooky Halloween photos below. They are really spectacular, or shall I say, "spooktacular!"

  4. They look great. Thanks for sharing the how-to. I want to know hoe you did the spooky picture on the bottom.

  5. What a great idea. I love that you recycled something that ususally is just tossed away. Your creepy effects for your pics were cool too. :)

  6. What a cute idea. I bet you could use any size cup.

  7. Hi Natasha. Your crafts are really great. Do you have any ideas for Valentine's Day? I am new to this so any help you can offer, would be great.

    Chattanooga, Tennessee

  8. Googled a "how to make the glitter cups" and found your page, you did a awesome job, I want to make some for Christmas! Thanks for sharing